Thursday, August 28, 2008

American doctors operate to help boy mauled by animal

American doctors operate to help boy mauled by animal
17:19' 26/08/2008 (GMT+7)

VietNamNet Bridge – Many international correspondents were waiting at Seattle Airport for the 2-year-old boy whose leg and genitals had been ravaged by an animal and who came to the US for an operation. After the surgery at Dartmouth Hospital, the boy, Phung Thien Nhan, could urinate normally.

Destiny’s child

Here are the latest photos of Nhan in the US.

Thien Nhan surrounded by correspondents at Seattle Airport

Some brought balloons and toy animals to the airport to welcome Nhan

Nhan is playing with a foreigner

The baby an a photographer from Florida

Nhan and his mother at Dartmouth Hospital

Doctor Herz, the major surgeon, and Nhan

Only one relative can go into anesthesiology per patient but as Nhan is a special case, his parents are allowed in

Nhan before the surgery

Nhan recovering his senses after the operation, his parents still very worried. They will take Nhan to Chicago to get an artificial leg for him

Nhan and some Vietnamese-American children

Trying on a new shoe

(Source: VNE, Dan Tri)

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